"Let the Little Children Come to me..." Matthew 19:14

Pre-K Curriculum

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All preschool students enjoy a well-rounded educational curriculum that includes daily religion, circle time, and hands-on center time. Art, library, music, physical education and technology are also a part of the weekly curriculum.  Teachers use fine-tuned lessons plans to provide students the time needed to connect their circle and center time to their real-world experience. Teachers document student learning demonstrated in the centers to assess learning achieved and student learning needs. Student portfolios are available for parent review at any time.


Because children learn in more than one way and because learning affects several areas at a time, each section addresses the following areas of learning:


  • Social/Emotional – The ability to develop relationships with others, to develop self-awareness and self-confidence, and to understand and cope with feelings.
  • Physical – Development of Fine (small) and Gross (large) Motor Skills; the ability to move large and small muscles.
  • Cognitive – Gaining knowledge, learning to reason, and solving problems in daily life.
  • Speech and Language – Talking, listening, reading, writing, and singing are all creative ways to build speech and language.

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