"Let the Little Children Come to me..." Matthew 19:14

Eagles' Wings Sponsorship Program

Children who attend Christian schools not only get a great education, but also have a much greater chance of retaining their strong Christian beliefs as adults, than those who do not. This reality was highlighted in a study by the National Home Education Research Institute.   It's President, Dr. Brian D. Ray, stated that out of all the participants in the study, Christian school students were 27% more likely to retain strong Christian beliefs, as adults, than those attending public school.


Our Savior seeks to serve everyone in receiving a life changing, Christ centered education. Through Eagles’ Wings, you can support a student to overcome a financial barrier that might other wise prevent them from attending Our Savior.

Our Savior doesn’t receive any of the tax dollars, such as those received by public schools. Public schools average $8,765 per student from government funding (2011 U.S. Census Bureau).

God blesses us, so that we can share His blessing with others. Won't you consider participating as an Eagles’ Wings sponsor?

How the Program Works?

Each family may apply for financial assistance for their child to become a student at Our Savior.

All financial assistance applications are assessed by an outside firm:

  • Grant & Aid Assessment is the company used to qualify students.
  • This company works with Our Savior to assess financial need to help us allocate financial aid to the families most in need.
  • Families must be able and committed to provide part of the tuition, as there are no 100% grants.

We want to be able to provide more funds to help more students who qualify. For this reason we have begun this sponsorship program.

How can you get involved to help Eagles’ Wings?

Funding can be provided in two ways:

  • Option One: You can sponsor the aid needed for one student – anonymously.   Any amount would be a blessing to the student.
  • Option Two: Donate any amount to the Sponsorship Endowment Fund.
      • The Endowment Fund will distribute the funds among all students needing financial assistance.
      • Keep in mind any donated amount is greatly appreciated.