Three & Four Year Old
Our Savior's Three and Four year old classes offer a strong educational foundation, which is rooted in the highly interactive experience. Our teachers provide a tactile learning environment, which is combined with fundamental teaching, all of which enables the student to learn faster, to develop critical thinking skills, and to gain an early joy of learning. We provide dependable schedules for meals, playtime and naps, and our ratios are kept low in order to provide the highly beneficial one-on-one time between teacher and student as the child navigates the formative early education years.

Ratios: 1:8, 2:12

Class Options-
3 days ( T/W/TH) School Day: 8am-3pm or 3 day with Extended Care- 7am-6pm
5 days ( M-F) School Day: 8am-3pm, or 5 day with Extended Care- 7am-6pm

Some of our enrichment activities include: weekly Chapel, Library, Music, on campus field trips & more!