Our Savior at a Glance

Mission Statement

Our Savior Lutheran Academy exists to provide Christ-centered environment, where we are integrating God’s Word, building meaningful relationships, discovering the students, and equipping them to be tomorrow’s servant leaders.

OSLA’s faculty is both experienced and dedicated, bringing a combined average of 15 years of teaching experience to the classroom. Each teacher has a professional plan to focus on individual skill development as well as a personal dedication to continually strengthen the school’s overall academic program. 

Our Campus

Our campus, located at 5110 Franklin Pike in Nashville, is complete with classrooms, library, gymnasium, music room, athletic field, playgrounds, and chapel.  We have a faculty of dedicated Christian educators.  We are focusing on the right things in Christian education - developing a safe, energetic, and quality environment where students and parents alike enjoy and grow from the educational experience.

Current Hours: 7am-6pm.


Class Size Capacity


12 weeks-15 months- 1:4, 2:8

16 months-23 months- 1:4, 2:8

( Classes above will start in August 2019!)

Twos- 1:5, 2:10
Threes/Fours: 1:8, 2:12
Fours/Fives: 1:13, 2:15